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RailsBridge workshops are a free and fun way to get started or level up with Rails, Ruby, and other web technologies. Our events focus on increasing diversity in tech, so that people of all backgrounds can feel welcome and comfortable in our industry.

The RailsBridge Workshops are free courses run by a volunteer team of experienced and enthusiastic developers. The courses cover an introduction to programming concepts, the available tools, Rails, Ruby, and HTML & CSS.

The workshops are targeted at groups of people that are underrepresented in tech. The workshops teach practical skills useful to those investigating new career paths, looking to compliment their current skill set, or simply interested in gaining a better understanding of software.

You should be comfortable using a computer, but no programming experience or hardware expertise is required. You should have your own laptop to bring along. Mac, Windows, and Linux machines are all welcome.

Impact Statistics

Since July 2013 we've run 18 workshops in various places and helped more than 230 people start learning Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Our Workshops

Our documentation has Rails, Front-end, JavaScript, and Ruby courses. We tend to run the Intro to Rails course, because we like it and it's had the most work done on making it awesome.

Here's what a RailsBridge Intro to Rails event is like.

You’ll be given sufficient background and confidence to continue developing their Rails skills independently. We’ll be teaching in English and Afrikaans.

The Friday night InstallFest is about software, snacks, and sharing. It's about unwinding from your day and preparing for the next day's adventure.

The Saturday workshop is quite informal. You'll work through the documentation at your own pace, asking questions and getting answer from yourself, the other attendees, and from teachers who are close by in case you would like some help.

Join our meetup group for details of our next event.

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About Ruby and Rails

Ruby is a free, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. Ruby on Rails is a web application framework: a reusable set of shortcuts that help you build dynamic web sites.


We want to push for all kinds of diversity in the Cape Town tech community: gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, and class. Women were the first population that RailsBridge focused on, but aren't the last.

We believe that the people making technology should accurately reflect the diversity of those using it. Research shows that diverse teams produce better results, and are more creative and innovative.

We want to show how programming skills can be useful, empowering, and fun, particularly when applied to the web.

We want to bring more people into the local Ruby community, and encourage more user groups to think about diversity and outreach.

We want to provide people new to programming with access to a diverse network of smart, capable programmers.

When & Where

Past Events

We try to run events every three months. We've run our regular events since July 2013, and special events for GirlHype (at the Bandwidth Barn) and for Herschel school. We also try and write up short reviews (with photos!) of each event.


All the documentation is online at docs.railsbridgecapetown.org. The Intro to Rails course that we run most often is at docs.railsbridgecapetown.org/intro-to-rails. Our Resources page at docs.railsbridgecapetown.org/workshop/resources has lots of links for learning about Ruby, Rails, and being a developer.

Join our meetup group for details of our next event.


Want to get in touch? Email us at [email protected] or find us on Twitter at @RailsBridgeCPT.


RailsBridge is working to make tech more diverse and welcoming by teaching programming, connecting human beings, and listening to people's needs.

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