About two years ago I found myself wanting more from life, spending time with the family, and just enjoying life more in general. I gave up a good job as an HR Manager of over 150 people with good prospects in the corporate world, and a good salary to go with it.

While wondering how to achieve this I was able to join a smaller software company doing their admin and books part time. A few months in, one of the dev guys, Steve, asked if I wanted to join their first Railsbridge so that I can see what they do and have better understanding what they do. I thought this was a good idea. I started looking online at what ruby was and I was taken over by excitement. This was so cool, software was so cool!

Before attending the first session I was overwhelmed with what if I can’t do it, this is so difficult, the TERMINAL?? Don’t touch that you can break everything from there! But actually this was just where you can do EVERYTHING. Then the session came and with the mixed emotions of fear and excitement I realised how awesome ruby is and actually really straight forward to read. Yes, it’s a bit overwhelming to get your mini app out in one day after never knowing what coding was about. But that’s just it - in a day you can see something you have created online.

Concetta and her stickered-up laptop

So it’s been a year from attending Railsbridge and I am now a full time developer in ruby and working on clients websites. I never thought that this could ever happen. Changing your career midway in your working life. But best of all, I didn’t think I would ever say this, I love my job! I love coding everyday and solving problems. My work is so much fun.

Thank you to Railsbridge for helping me realise that this is what I wanted to do and giving me that stepping stone to start with it. The support that I have received from the guys has been great and thanks to Unboxed Consulting for believing in me and giving me this opportunity.

Written by RailsBridge Cape Town alumni, Concetta Isolano - Developer