In a bit of a reprise of a previous RailsBridge, a small band of the RailsBridge teacher team headed out to the University of Cape Town to run the Intro to Rails course workshop for the Women in Computer Science group.

We had quite the full house! In total we had 20 people, including a handful of people from outside of UCT. We ran our usual mix of coding and activities, and sent out our classic warm-up question to all the attendees:

We had a wide range of responses to both questions. Students told us that they knew that there were many programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that you use to build web pages.

Many students said that they wanted to either kickstart or improve their existing programming knowledge and that they wanted to use what they learned for work. Many also said that they wanted to start building web apps.

Our next “regular” RailsBridge

We’ve just announced our next workshop, which will be on Saturday 23rd April. We’re still looking for a venue, so if you have one, please let us know!

In another first for us, we’ll be running the Front-end course: an introduction to HTML and CSS. We’ll also be running the Intermediate Rails course again. If you’ve been to a RailsBridge before, come back and join us for a new adventure! Hope to see you there :).

Steve Barnett
Organiser Person