This Saturday saw a couple of firsts for RailsBridge Cape Town. We ran a double-up workshop (of the front-end course course and the Job Board course course), and we were at the American Corner (find them on Twitter, on Facebook) at the Cape Town Central Library. We hope we’ll be repeating both! :)


Thank you to the American Corner for providing the venue and free Wi-Fi for our attendees, and thank you to Platform 45 (a frequent, generous, sponsor!) for sponsoring food and drink during the day.

Activity responses

For responses to What are (three) things you already know about programming? people answered:

All of these are very true!

For What do you plan to do with what you learn?, one student answered “Build something for the community using just programming.” That’s awesome!

Later during the session, we asked students what they had learned so far. One student answered: “Computational thinking will help you get from concept to finished product.”

The next one

Our next workshop will be on Saturday 11th June. It’s going to be a special one because we’ll be celebrating 10 years of RailsBridge (our Cape Town chapter is only 3 years old, but we love a party)! If you’ve ever been to a workshop, we’d love to have you back of our celebration. There will be cake! And of course some Ruby, Rails, and more things besides.

Steve Barnett
Organiser Person