As we did last year, we held our first RailsBridge of the year as part of Rubyfuza. Big, big, thanks to Rubyfuza for sponsoring the venue and the food! 🙌

I had the chance to chat to Coraline (squee!), of the RailsBridge board, on the day about how we run our workshops. The things that we do that are more than just what you read in the docs. The extra bits that we add to try and help create a nicer learning environment.

General changes

The first change we make is that we run a one day Saturday workshop: no InstallFest on the Friday night. Running one a half days has proved tricky to get enough teachers and sponsorship. More importantly, many of attendees come via public transport. Asking them to pay for two trips to the venue is not so great, and expecting them to go home late on a Friday is simply not safe for them.

The downside of this change is that people have to spend some of the morning doing the InstallFest. We think the trade-off of reaching a wider audience is worth it, so we try and help people through the InstallFest a little more than we would otherwise. We’ve talked about using VMs or Docker, but they both feel like they add another abstraction and barrier to getting down to the actual business of coding.

The shape of the day

The shape of each piece changes a little each time, but the main shape of mixing workshopping with (learning- and learner- focused) activities is the same.

Steve Barnett
Organiser Person