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Create A Heroku Account

We'll be using Heroku to put our apps online because it's simple and free for the tier we'll be needing.

Step 1: Visit the Heroku web site


Step 2: Create an account

Click the big Sign Up button.

Enter your email address.

Use the same email address for heroku, git, github, and ssh.

Step 3: Activate your account

Heroku will send you an activation email. Open it and click on the activation link. It will take you to the Heroku site. Enter and confirm your password. Hit Save.

Step 4: Install the Heroku toolbelt

Visit https://toolbelt.heroku.com/, click the download link, and install.

Alternatively, ask a volunteer for a flash drive with the file on.


Type this in the terminal:
heroku version
Expected result:
2.26.7 or higher

Windows users, if heroku version doesn't work, open a new terminal window after the heroku installer has finished.

Step 5: Add your SSH key to your Heroku account

Type this in the terminal:
heroku keys:add

hit enter to accept the default key file to use

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If you find something that could be improved, please make a pull request or drop us a note via GitHub Issues (no technical knowledge required).

Source: https://github.com/RailsBridge-CapeTown