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Learn To Code

Learn To Code

You may have never programmed before. Now you will.


9:00 introductions

9:30 lecture

10:45 - 11:00 mandatory break

12:30 lunch

1:30 class resumes

3:00 - 3:30 stretch break & snacks & coffee

4:30 discussion and next steps

5:00 bye

What is coding?

What is coding NOT?


What is coding?

What will we learn today?

In this class, you will utilize Ruby to learn:

Follow along at http://docs.railsbridge.org/learn-to-code

Go at your own pace

What if I know some of that already?

And if you and your pair finish early...

Technical requirements

If you find something that could be improved, please make a pull request or drop us a note via GitHub Issues (no technical knowledge required).

Source: https://github.com/RailsBridge-CapeTown