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The Command Line

The Command Line

Opening the Terminal


The Current Directory

Home Directory

Listing Directory Contents

Making a directory

Changing directories

Basic Command Line Glossary

LAB: make a subdirectory and then enter it

  1. open Terminal
  2. make a new subdirectory using mkdir code
  3. change into that directory using cd code
  4. list its contents using ls (and note that it's empty)


Text Editor

Source File

LAB: Hello, World

  1. Make sure you are in your code subdirectory using pwd
  2. Create a file named hello.rb using touch hello.rb
  3. Open hello.rb in your favorite text editor
  4. Inside this file, put the following source code:

    puts "Hello, World!"
  5. Save the file

  6. Go back to the terminal

  7. Run this file using ruby hello.rb

What happens? Is this what you expected?

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