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Open source workshop

Community project

Documentation and slides can be edited by anyone

Why are we here?

Diversity in Cape Town tech

Programming skills: useful, empowering, fun

  (Especially on the web)

Bring more people to the Ruby community

Encourage thinking about diversity and outreach

Provide people new to programming access to experienced programmers

Goal of the day


Build and publish a web application

  (In our case, a voting system)

On the internetz!

What will you learn today?

Ruby Rails Git Heroku
A programming Language A Framework: patterns for building web apps A source control system An hosting platform

How do these fit together?

Ruby, Rails Git Heroku
Code Save Publish

How does your set up work?

Text Editor Terminal Browser
Write Code Issue Commands See the Results

The Rails Philosophy


Convention over configuration

Minimal code - maximal effect

Last but not least

Recap as you go

Check the Glossary

Don't be shy: ask questions

Teachers are here to help

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